I work on a retainer basis. Not on a per session basis.
What that means is we agree to work together for a set period of time, usually six months or more, and you are committed to pay the full amount for the entire period up front.
As a courtesy I do offer payment plans, but once we commence working together, you are responsible for the full amount as agreed. 
In the unlikely and unusual, event that something does come up where you must cancel our coaching agreement due to some unforeseen personal circumstance, and you are on a payment plan, I require a minimum of 30 days notice for cancelation.

I unfortunately am not able to offer refunds under any circumstance, though I am always willing to uphold my end of the agreement.

We will work together each month for a minimum number of hours varying based on your package.
The hours do not carry over month to month and they do not accrue.
We will schedule our time together at the beginning of each month.
I am flexible and allow for rescheduling, but you are responsible for getting your sessions in during the month if you reschedule.
In the event I have to reschedule, the time together will carry over to future months if necessary.