You are extremely talented.

You are a change maker,
An innovator,
A visionary.

You are a rule breaker,
A leader,
Even a “misfit” (and you may have never fully embraced this, trying to be “normal”)

You have been misunderstood.
You desire to be truly seen and heard. 100%.
You are ready to live bigger and follow your true calling.

You have been told you are “too much”
Or you need to “tone it down”
Or that you need to “give someone else a chance”

And over the years, you have survived your brilliance by being likable
Not taking up too much space
Not being too loud

You have many masks that were necessary but now there is a great distance between your inner and external worlds
You may feel stuck where you are without clarity about what is next
Or you may be clearly in transition or on the edge of it

You want someone who can help you remove the masks so you can feel what it feels like to breathe without the heavy weight of expectation.
You want the truth. You desperately want someone to tell you the truth. A shot of fierce love, no  chaser.
You want someone who isn’t going to buy your bullshit and who is going to call you on it.

You are looking for an integrated experience that touches the tactical parts of your business to the hard to reach places of your deepest self
You want someone to strategize with. Someone you can vision with or create a detailed plan.
You want to be ignited to move all that is stuck and holding you back.

You want to know that someone can hold all of you. Your sadness, your rage, all of you.
You want someone who can see the chess moves and help you master the game.
You want to focus and expand your energy so that you can design the world you live in. From your business, to your relationships to your inner world.

You want to shine light on the dark edges of your consciousness.
You need someone who is not afraid of walking you through the dark side and back again to rebuild from a place of power
You are looking for a guide who can lead you out of the matrix

You are ready to heal.
You are ready to grow.
You are ready to slay.
You are ready to be free.


I am dedicated to helping people transform their lives to reflect their full potential and purpose here on this planet.  

I approach my clients as holistic, integrated beings.
I don't just coach my clients on "business" for instance.
True transformation is not compartmentalized. 
For example, your goal may be to work on your business, but you can't be your best self in your business or career if your interpersonal relationships are dramatic and volatile.

Together we work to balance and integrate all parts of your life to allow for greater flow, peace, power and optimization.


Due to the nature of the coaching I do, I work with clients for a minimum of 6 months. 
I don't offer a la carte sessions or shorter options because it is not in service to true transformation.

There is no specific structure to our coaching. 
Each client is different and it is my job to be with you where you are in your own unique process, not for me to have a predetermined destination for you.

The general method I use however is one of assessment, deconstruction and rebuilding.

  1. Together we look at what is present in your life and business in a neutral and factual manner.

    This is like an audit. It is the framework that currently creates your experience as you know it.

  2. We deconstruct it. We examine your underlying beliefs and fears. We get underneath to find what is driving your life.

    What that means is that I work with you to remove the things that block you from being your authentic self fully in the world, having your heart's desire, achieving your dreams and beyond, and connecting with others intimately and deeply.
    Many times these things include beliefs or patterns of behavior that no longer serve you, or even the idea of self you may have identified with for a long time.

  3. We work together to rebuild your foundation, provide tools and work on a roadmap to living a life that is authentically YOU.

    During our time together you will be given books to read, videos to watch, workbooks and other writing assignments customized for your particular needs.
    You will also be given experiments and research assignments to carry out in your daily life to learn more about yourself, build new habits or change patterns that don't serve you.
    I will provide the tools, but you are responsible for doing the work.

This kind of coaching is not for everyone.  
I require a high level of commitment and willingness in addition to the financial investment you will make in your transformation.

My style isn't meant to "make you feel better" or "fix you". 
This kind of coaching is designed to seek the truth, for the deeper thing that your soul wants.  
I help you see and recognize your resistance or the stories that keep you small.  
I play for your greatness, your deepest truth. 
The real world results to this kind of deep work are all encompassing and self-evident.


Sara Kay, CEO & Founder  Sara Kay Fine Art

Sara Kay, CEO & Founder
Sara Kay Fine Art

Before I worked with Perri I had been flushing out various business ideas for nearly two years. After two years of thinking and planning, I continued to struggle to have clarity of vision. My creativity felt blocked and the many beliefs I had about what I should do and how things should look were creating massive struggle, anxiety and numerous false starts. I felt stuck and confused. I reached out to Perri five months ago and we started to work together on a weekly basis.

When I first started to work with Perri we talked business, and I quickly found myself engaged in a different type of work. Perri helped me dismantle fear driven beliefs and patterns that were blocking hidden desires. Once those desires surfaced, with her encouragement, I began to say yes to various opportunities that presented themselves, when in the past I would have likely closed down to desire, and rationalized the decision with logic based thinking. As I continued to open to desire, opportunities continued to open to me – as Perri said they would.

In the face of taking the biggest leap in my career to date, Perri held me to my bigger vision, my deeper desire, and nothing less. I am delighted to say that in the coming months, I will open a new art gallery, in a location I love, with a team of my choosing, all driven by my own creativity. I have a sense of clarity, feeling of freedom and creative expression I have not had in decades. Suffice it to say, my work with Perri has been invaluable.

Kate Kendall, CEO & Founder

Kate Kendall, CEO & Founder

Before working with Perri, I felt stuck. As a busy CEO and founder of an investor-backed tech startup, I was struggling with balance, managing my energy, and staying true to my authentic path.

You can lose yourself in your company, especially in Silicon Valley, so I wanted to reconnect with my inner strength, power and needs. I noticed instant results with Perri.

She is a complete natural and is personable and fun to work with. Unlike many coaches – she has direct experience and empathy due to her serial entrepreneur background. She quickly gave my the clarity, terminology and frameworks to contextualize my journey.

After a few short months, I felt confident to take some next steps and make the changes I needed to make. I have referred her to many friends looking for coaching and fellow founders in need of business advisory. Our journeys are long and there will be future challenges, yet I feel calm knowing Perri is at my side as a source of perspective, support and wisdom