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Perri Chase is a Transformational Coach who knows that what "got you this far, won't get you the whole way".
She specializes in working with clients who want to unlock that next level of possibility, energy and break the "old pattern" operating systems we all carry through life.  Perri works with people who want to have a large impact on humanity through building and leading companies and being in service to others. She has a deep personal practice in all the methods she uses with clients, and has coaches and teachers that support her so that she can support you.

Prior, Perri had a long career in the talent space as an Executive Recruiter working with financial institutions in New York, Europe and Asia.  She also spent time as the founder of two startups, (acquired by Rakuten) and Archively.  More recently she has successfully worked with startups on strategic positions like VP of Engineering, VP of Data Science, and VP of Marketing. She has a deep understanding of organizational structure, talent strategy and has negotiated more than 50 million dollars worth of salary in her career.